The influence of musical rhythm on a person rsquo s psychophysical state

Aftimichuk Olga


Background In the modern world music is considered to be one of the strongest instruments in the sphere of medicine psychology pedagogy etc The research of the music perception from the perspective of the biorhythms of a human body aligned to the corresponding acoustic rhythms would allow in the field of physical education to determine the level of influence of music on the quality of the realized educational pedagogical training recovery and rehabilitation lessons The aim of the research is to establishthe influence of music on the psychophysical state of a person Methods The following theoretical research methods were used abstract and axiomatic method analysis and synthesis induction and deduction idealization comparison and generalization ofmaterials on anatomy physiology psychophysiology bio rhythmology physics biomechanics music Results In the given article are presented the rhythmic processes of perception of musical compositions that are different by structure and character in conformity with the human biorhythm When they coincide a person at listening music receives positive emotions that arise the desire to live create and develop A negative influence is noticed at the perception of non rhythmic sounds which provokes in listeners either aggression of depression Conclusion The physiological and psychological particularities of music must be taken into consideration both at the organization of the educational and pedagogical process of physical education sport training fitness and in the system of physical education lessons of recovery and rehabilitation nbsp

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