Program of training in abrazoterapia, to strengthen socio-affective skills in educators of municipal infantile centers

Karina Veizaga Sangueza


Background: The purpose of the Training Program in Abrazotherapy is to strengthen Socio-affective Skills in Educators, which are the fundamental pillar to provide quality and warm care to children benefiting from Municipal Children’s Centers. For this reason, it is postulated that the attention given must be affectionate, emphasizing an attachment relationship. Methodology: The methodological theoretical approach is based on the scientific area of Positive Psychology, the action plan is through the design of pre-experimental research, with application of pre-test and post-test of the qualitative-quantitative measurement instrument, “ Goldstein Social Skills Questionnaire “, supported by the Workshop on Abrazotherapy method, to a non-probabilistic representative sample of volunteer subjects (30 Educators from 15 Children’s Centers of the Municipality of La Paz). Results: The results obtained show that the Skills most developed by the Educators were for Stress Management, Alternatives to Aggression and Related to the Management of Feelings, this facilitated that each educator managed to improve their communication skills, recognize their own feelings, understand and express them, improving abilities and strategies of patience, respect and care for working with children and families, but above all and what is important for this work, the expression of affection. Conclusions: The Abrazotherapy Training Program to strengthen the Socio-affective Skills becomes an effective tool in the process of labor and personal formation in the Educators. Recommendations: It is recommended to implement the “Workshop of Abrazotherapy” within the induction process of all the educators and the activities of all the Municipal Children’s Centers, so that educators, mothers and fathers recognize the importance of giving affection to the children, for its proper physical and mental development during early childhood.

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