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Vol 5, No 5 (2017): Issue 2 A Brief Reflection about the Challenge of Criminal Intelligence against Organized Crime Abstract   PDF   HTML
Daniel Sanso Rubert Pascual
Vol 6, No 6 (2018): Issue 4 A clarification concerning the butner study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Scott A Johnson
Vol 6, No 6 (2018): Issue 3 A comparative study on security features of Indian, Canadian and Dubai cheques Abstract   PDF   HTML
Bhavya Sharma, Aman Sharma, Shipra Rohatgi, Bhuvnesh Yadav
Vol 4, No 4 (2017): Issue 1 A Critical analysis on how testimony psychology influences criminal investigations in Brazil Abstract   PDF   HTML
Juliana Ferreira da Silva, Valerio Lousada de Carvalho
Vol 4, No 4 (2017): Issue 3 A critical analysis on the application of the legal principle of rule of law in the criminal justice system of Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF   Untitled
Niriella MADSJS
Vol 6, No 6 (2018): Issue 4 A husband was said to have killed his wife and two children to re-marry another female met through social media: a glimpse in to criminal psychology Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ariyarathna HTDW, Hulathduwa SR
Vol 6, No 6 (2018): Issue 3 A method to rebuild vegetation formations to determinate environmental damage Abstract   PDF   HTML
Juan José Sáez
Vol 7, No 7 (2019): Issue 6 A missed opportunity of a preventable maternal death-a case report from Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ariyarathna HTDW, Hulathduwa SR
Vol 5, No 5 (2017): Issue 2 A Motivation Based Classification of Terrorism Abstract   PDF   HTML
Hasan Buker
Vol 5, No 5 (2017): Issue 3 A New Beginning: An Overview of New Psychoactive Substances Abstract   PDF   HTML
Andrew OHagan, Connie Smith
Vol 4, No 4 (2017): Issue 6 A probe into testimony styles in Chinese criminal trials: a narrative structure perspective Abstract   PDF   HTML
Luping Zhang, Li Meng
Vol 1, No 1 (2015): Issue 4 A proposal for the development of the medico-legal institute Abstract   PDF   HTML
Amr Mohamed Elghazali
Vol 2, No 2 (2016): Issue 1 A prospective analysis of the outcomes of violent prone restraint incidents in policing Abstract   PDF   HTML
Darrell L Ross, Michael H Hazlett
Vol 3, No 3 (2016): Issue 2 A Quick fired case-firearm determination from the 102 mass shooting incidents in the U.S. Abstract   PDF   HTML
John Zheng Wang
Vol 6, No 6 (2018): Issue 2 A rare case of sub-diaphragmatic oesophageal perforation resulting in peritonitis Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ariyarhatne HTDW, Hulathduwa SR, Bulathsinghela BCARP
Vol 7, No 7 (2019): Issue 3 A remote death following Whipple procedure with significant Forensic pathological dilemmas Abstract   PDF   HTML   Untitled
Ariyarathna HTDW, Hulathduwa SR
Vol 6, No 6 (2018): Issue 2 A review about munchausen syndrome by proxy: form of child abuse Abstract   PDF   HTML
Itir Tari Cömert, Seda Uğraş, Dilek Salkim İşlek, Emel Hülya Yükseloğlu
Vol 6, No 6 (2018): Issue 5 A review of fingerprint recovery within an arson crime scene Abstract   PDF   HTML
Andrew O’Hagan, Rosalee B Banham
Vol 5, No 5 (2017): Issue 1 A Review on Steffensmeier and his associates’ challenging findings on age and its relation to crime in Taiwan Abstract   PDF   HTML
Cheng Hsien Lin
Vol 3, No 3 (2016): Issue 2 A Review on “The Model Police Bill 2015”- Proposed to the Parliament of India Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sony Kunjappan
Vol 7, No 7 (2019): Issue 1 A study on internet bypass fraud: national security threat Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kala N
Vol 5, No 5 (2017): Issue 3 A Taphonomic Approach to Marine Abrasion on Human Bones Abstract   PDF   HTML
Atilio Nasti
Vol 7, No 7 (2019): Issue 4 Action of fauna and flora on the cadaveric phenomena observed in the carcass of sus scrofa (Linnaeus-Suidae) in the wild area Brazilian savannah of the central region-Brazil Abstract   PDF   HTML
Diniz Pereira Leite Junior, Elisangela Santana de Oliveira Dantas, Diana Costa Nascimento, Heitor Simoes Dutra Correa, Paulo Anselmo Nunes Felippe, Rodrigo Antonio Araujo Pires, Luciana da Silva Ruiz, Marcia de Souza Carvalho Melhem, Claudete Rodrigues de Paula
Vol 5, No 5 (2017): Issue 1 Adjusting the focus of attention: helping witnesses to evolve a more identifiable composite Abstract   PDF   HTML
Cristina Fodarella, Charlie D Frowd, Kelly Warwick, Gemma Hepton, Katie Stone, Louisa Date, Priscilla Heard
Vol 8, No 8 (2020): Issue 1 Admissibility and probative value of expert evidence of tracker dog scent identification Abstract   PDF
Ian Freckelton QC
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